Executive Team

Michael MacCready – CEO

As the CEO of Fairway Properties, Michael assists with the management and operation of all assets. He oversees all activities from developing budgets to managing onsite employees.  This ensures that our properties perform at the highest level, maximizing the value of each asset. Michael received his B.S in Chemical Engineering from the University of Florida and over the past ten years has worked as a Manager, Regional Supervisor, Asset Manager, and Development Associate.  He has been involved in multifamily asset management at all levels in the industry, assisting in ground up development, acquisitions, operations, asset management, and retail management, of numerous properties nationwide. This extensive knowledge and experience in multifamily assets allows Michael to provide our owners with an unparalleled advantage in maximizing their ROI.

Scott Worster – COO

Scott is the COO of Fairway Properties. Scott handles all of the day-to-day operations of our Property Management Division. Scott received his B.S. in Construction Management from the University of Nebraska and has built and developed several successful commercial and residential developments throughout the United States. Scott’s knowledge in all areas of construction is extremely comprehensive and allows him to properly evaluate both maintenance issues and capital improvements that save our owners time and money. Scott is a member of the Texas Association of Realtors, “TAR” and the Institute of Real Estate Management, “IREM.”

Eric Freytag – CFO

Eric is the CFO for Fairway Properties and oversees the financial aspects of our clients’ portfolios and company assets. Eric graduated with his Masters in Accounting from the University of Texas. He is also a Licensed Broker in the State of Texas and has been a very active member of the Austin Real Estate Community since 2007. Eric is also a member of The Real Estate Council of Austin, “RECA.” Prior to Founding Fairway Properties Eric worked with Ernst and Young.

David Kanne – President

David is the President of Fairway Properties. He received his B.S. in Construction Engineering from the University of Nebraska, and has managed over 400 Million in Construction Developments throughout the nation.  David has been an active Broker, Developer, and Investor in the Austin Market since 2005. David works closely with Investors on a daily basis to ensure that all of their assets are being properly taken care of from both a leasing and management perspective. Prior to founding Fairway Properties, David worked with The Weitz Company. David is very proactive with our clients’ on their developments and acquisitions. David is an active member of ABOR, TAR and RECA.